PNCA Students Go Global Through Gilman

July 05, 2018

2018 is an exciting year for PNCA students looking to study abroad. Three students (with a fourth waitlisted) of the seven who are studying overseas during summer and fall of 2018, were awarded the Gilman Scholarship. This prestigious federal scholarship supports U.S. students to study in another country, who might not be able to have the opportunity under any other circumstance. The Gilman Scholarship is highly competitive: only 27% of the students applying in the 2016-2017 academic year received the scholarship. These awardees are the first students at PNCA to secure a Gilman Scholarship. They will be traveling to Ireland, Malaysia, and Belgium.

The number of students studying abroad in Fall 2018 marks a significant increase at PNCA. In past semesters, only two students, if any, participated in PNCA’s semester-long program.

The semester-long exchange program at PNCA was designed in a unique fashion. PNCA specifically curates its partner institutions to enhance the educational career and creative practice of its students, rather than teaching the same content and skills already available at PNCA. Currently, PNCA sends students through its Global Learning Network, which is composed of 13 partner institutions in 11 countries.

Given the distinct structure of the semester-long program, the International Office individually advises each student during the application process. The International Office recommends students to particular partner institutions, which will challenge them to develop within their area of inquiry and their artistic medium of choice. The partner institutions accept PNCA students based on the portfolio that is submitted with their study abroad application. Therefore, the International Office provides portfolio feedback and essay review, with the hope that PNCA students will be accepted into their abroad school of choice. For more information about PNCA students studying abroad, please check out the International Office webpage.

Congratulations again to the PNCA students who were awarded the Gilman Scholarship!