Policy Statement

PNCA Graduate Transfer Credit Policy Statement

Students with previous graduate credits are welcome and valued members of the educational community at PNCA. They bring to the College a diversity of ideas, experience and expertise that stimulate both the creativity and growth in the classroom. PNCA offers a comprehensive and rigorous program of sequential classes that lead to the Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees. PNCA wants to honor prior experience while staying committed to our stated learning outcomes within each PNCA Graduate program.

Criteria For Graduate Transfer Credit

Transfer credit at the graduate level is available upon permission of the Chair or Head of the Graduate Program, the Director of Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies, and the Registration Office. Criteria for transfer credit eligibility is as follows:

Criteria for transfer credit eligibility is as follows:

  • We accept a maximum of 9 credits to fulfill elective requirements; 
  • In exceptional cases, like school closures, students can petition to transfer in more credits;
  • Credit must be earned at an academically accredited Graduate program; 
  • Students must submit an official transcript to the Registrar;
  • To be eligible for consideration, coursework must be relevant to PNCA’s MFA or MA degree requirements OR provide quality education in an alternate way in concert with PNCA’s accreditation requirements and learning outcomes; 
  • There is no time limit on the transfer of credits;
  • The cumulative average of credits accepted by PNCA must be B or higher; 
  • The Program Chair/Head, in collaboration with the Registration office, will determine placement of credits within PNCA’s Graduate curriculum.

To make requests based on exceptional cases, submit information in writing to the Director of HFSGS and Program Chair/Head.

HFSGS Transfer Process

  • Students submit email requests for Transcript Reviews to Program Chair/Head, ccing registrar@willamette.edu;
  • Program Chair/Head reviews transcripts and proposes the transfer of credits by filling out the Academic Plan Change Form;
  • Program Chair/Head reviews the Academic Plan Change Form with student;
  • Program Chair/Head gets the Academic Plan Change Form approved by the HFSGS Director;
  • Program Chair/Head turns in Academic Plan Change Form to Registrar;
  • The Registrar places the credits.