Creativity is the key

Innovation, a robust and resilient economy, and a healthy future for all of us are dependent on our creativity. All of these are dependent on our reimagining everything. This is what we teach and what we do every day at PNCA. It's no wonder our alumni follow a wide range of career paths, bringing creativity to all that they do.

Tyler Snazelle '18

working artists

Our alumni are successful artists

But that's not all. Our alumni take their creative problem solving and the habits of mind and hand they learn in PNCA studios, labs, and classrooms into myriad careers. You won't be surprised to hear that many of our alumni work in design, media, communications, marketing, arts administration, and education, and that many more are creative entrepreneurs. But you may be surprised to know how many of our alumni have gone on to careers in business, community work, and even information technology and software engineering.

Artists often possess the skills and temperament that business leaders regularly say are in short supply: creativity, resiliency, flexibility, high tolerance for risk and ambiguity, as well as the courage to fail.

Fast Company

Connect and learn more

Join our various online networks to see who our alumni are and what they are doing. If you have questions about careers in the arts following your education here at PNCA, reach out to the Office of Career Design M-F, 9am-5pm PST.


The Office of Career Design
Lynn Brown
Director of the Office of Career Design