Transfer Agreements

Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) has established transfer agreements with community colleges throughout the region, creating guided pathways and introducing a unique scholarship opportunity for students.

PNCA awards merit-based scholarships to every admitted student, with the amount determined by the overall strength of the student's application. Students transferring from a designated "Partner School" to PNCA with 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits are eligible to receive the Transfer Partner Scholarship of $5,000, which, like all other PNCA scholarships, will be renewable annually.

Importantly, this scholarship will be combined with the student's merit-based scholarship, early application scholarship (if applicable), and external sources such as scholarships, grants, and loans for additional financial support. It is strongly recommended that students complete the FAFSA for potential additional need-based aid. FAFSA completion may qualify students for an additional PNCA Grant, dependent on demonstrated financial need.

For students transferring from a Partner School with a pre-established Transfer Agreement, following the Transfer Agreement Pathway ensures that the classes listed on the guided pathway will transfer if the student has obtained a grade of C- or higher in the class.

Purpose: PNCA highly values the transfer student experience and engagement on campus. Our Transfer Agreements aim to provide clarity, remove barriers, offer guided pathways for students pursuing a two-year degree, and provide additional funding. It incentivizes transfer students interested in obtaining their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree to apply.

Note: High school students in running start or early college programs are not eligible for this scholarship. See below for more information on our current, established Transfer Agreements to date!

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