Academic Support

Our goal is to provide you with tools to grow as individuals, scholars, and artists. 

Administrative staff, academic coaches, and writing specialists are available to encourage the learning process and nurture the development of new academic strategies through:

  • Drop-in writing support
  • 1:1 and small-group academic coaching, and
  • Workshops to build skills and confidence in writing, reading comprehension, time management skills, and more!

For questions regarding 1:1 or group academic coaching, please contact Noni Villalobos at

The Academic Support Center (ASC) located in room 208 serves as a hub for PNCA’s academic support services.

Open Studio

ASC serves as a 24/7 study hall space. If the PNCA building is open, ASC is available for students to work on (non-wet or studio-based) assignments.

Writing Studio

The Writing Studio located in ASC acts as a space for PNCA Willamette undergraduate and graduate students to work on writing assignments and have support from graduate student Writing Specialists as needed. Writing specialists are available each week to support any stage of the writing process.

Click here for more information on the Writing Studio!


Offered each semester, our workshops serve as an opportunity to broaden students' academic resource tool-kit. Collaboration is key, and we often partner with various student services across campus. Topics cover reading comprehension, research, citation, writing, time management, self-organization skills, and more

These workshops are designed to be hands-on and activity-based– rather than lectures by presenters. Due to the nature of these workshops, these offerings are not available for Zoom or to be recorded, so in-person participation is highly encouraged!