Make It

PNCA's Labs and Facilities provide all of the tools needed to produce nearly any work. From an expansive Print Studio to Creative Technology Lab's array of high tech tools, we've got you covered.

Animated Arts Lab

The Animated Arts Lab features six Wacom Cintiq workstations, four 2D animation workstations, a new stop motion/3D animation suite with three stations loaded with the industry standard DragonFrame software and 3 Canon 50D's, a private Multiplane animation suite, a direct animation workstation, four light tables, and offers complete access to unique equipment like various high-lumen projectors, 4k cameras, and steady cams.

PNCA student working with stop motion film

Sun-lit printing presses and other various print making equipment, part of the Print Making Lab facilities at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

Gilkey Center for Printmaking

The Gilkey Center for Printmaking supports lithography, letterpress, book making, relief, monotype, intaglio, gravure, screenprinting, offset, and Risograph in a studio filled with natural light. Tea time is at 3pm every day.

Print Studio Tools, Features, and Resources

  • Studios
    Dedicated studios for intaglio and relief, screenprinting, letterpress, and lithography
  • Presses
    Four intaglio/relief presses, three Vandercook letterpresses, three lithography presses, and one Mailander offset press
  • Letterpress
    Letterpress studio with more than 200 drawers of lead and wood type
  • Book-making
    Book-making equipment including guillotines and perfect-binding machine
  • Screenprinting
    Screenprinting studio with large-format OLITE exposure unit, light tables, two washout booths, 12+ printing stations, and a 4' x 17' yardage screenprinting table
  • Aquatint Box
  • Litho Stones
    More than 100 traditional lithography stones, ranging in size from small to very large
  • Exposure Room
    Dedicated exposure room for photo-litho, photopolymer, and photogravure processes
  • Exposure Units
    Three vacuum exposure units for photo-sensitive processes
  • Copper-plate
    Dedicated room for copper-plate etching baths
  • Risograph
    GR1700 and RZ220 Risographs
  • Storage
    Individual storage spaces for each student working in the print studios
  • Printmaking Store
    Printmaking Store is open during weekdays, that affordably sells hard-to-find materials, tools, and papers
  • State-of-the-art ventilation
  • Natural Light
    Large windows in each studio, and a large skylight, that bring in natural light
  • Print Archive
    Extensive print archive, including many prints and items from Gordon Gilkey
  • Fabrication Lab
    Access to the with 3-D printers, plotters, milling machines, and vinyl cutters
  • Digital Print Studio
    Access to the Digital Print Studio with large format inkjet printers
  • Documentation Studio
    Access to the Documentation Studio

Professional Digital Fine Art Printing Lab

In the Professional Digital Fine Art Printing Lab our state-of-the-art printers and scanners are all calibrated to industry standards and support large format professional printing.

Mario Gallucci MFA alumnus '14 in Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) documentation studio with photography lights and a camera on a stand in front of a white box.

Documentation Studio

With industry-standard equipment, the Documentation Studio is available to students of all experience levels to document 2D and 3D work with the assistance of a professional photographer.

Easels and painting stands in wide-open, wood-floored painting and drawing studio at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

Painting Studios

There are multiple painting studios throughout the building, most of which feature north light, all of which feature high ceilings and panoramic views.

Sound Lab

The Sound Lab features a professional vocal/isolation audio recording booth, Logic X production/mixing station, DJ station with Serato Scratch for live mixes and web radio broadcasting, Oculus Rift development kit, 4K video camera, Steadicam, legacy media transfer station, specialized projectors for installation pieces, Mac Pro with specialized video and sound editing/manipulation software such as Isadora, access to unique equipment like 8mm, 16mm projectors, mixers, microphones, amplifiers, monitors, and vintage film reels.

Creative Technology Lab

Creative Technology Lab offers our students, undergraduate and graduate, as well as Portland's creative and tech communities, opportunities to learn about and explore emerging technologies, augmented and virtual reality, (digital) fabrication and prototyping, creative coding, data science, systems-thinking, the internet of things and smart technologies, creative entrepreneurship, STEAM, and privacy and security. We offer a wide range workshops, institutes, hackathons, and design challenges to foster collaboration and leverage creativity and technology in new and innovative ways.

Plotters, scanners, 3D printers, large-scale printers, and other facility equipment in the Make+Think+Code Technology and Research Lab Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

Book Binding Writing Workshop

Digital Production Center

Our Digital Production Center supports high quality digital print production, binding, and finishing driven by a Konica Minolta C1060 Digital Press.

Mrc Lens Pnca Media Resource Center

Media Resource Center

The Media Resource Center is PNCA’s home for a wide variety of equipment and resources for the production, exhibition and experimentation of media-based artwork. Digital projectors, laptops, large-format photography equipment, iPads, professional lighting equipment, high-end DSLR cameras, and much much more can all be checked out free of charge.

Photography Lab

Our Photography Lab supports both traditional and digital fine art photography and processing with a professional black and white analog darkroom with large format capacity and professional lighting studio with cyc wall.

Falcon Student Working Metalshop18

Sculpture Studio

The Sculpture Studios house Foundations 3-D Design classrooms, a critique space, a projection room, a plaster and slip cast mold making facility, a welding and metal working area, and extensive woodshop with lathes, a ceramic studio and glass kilns for fusing and slumping.

Wacom Lab

The Wacom Lab is full of Wacom’s newest generation creative tools that allow you to draw directly onto the screen of the computer with a stylus or even your fingers. The Wacom devices range in size from 27” to a small portable 13”. We also have two of Wacom’s newest Mobile Studios, which are stand-alone computers and screens in one.

PNCA Wacom Lab Window

Tools and Technology

Print Studio

  • Three Lithography Presses
  • Four Etching Presses
  • Five Letterpresses
  • A Traditional Aquatint Box
  • Steel Facing Equipment
  • Screenprinting Stations
  • Bookmaking Equipment
  • Epson 9800 Experimental Large Format Printer

Photography Lab

  • Professional Black And White Analog Darkroom With Large Format Capacity
  • Professional Lighting Studio With Cyc Wall
  • Professional Digital Fine Art Printing Lab
  • State-Of-The-Art Printers And Scanners
  • Digital Production Center
  • Konica Minolta C1060 Digital Press With Finishing Unit

Wacom Lab

  • 13” to 27” wacom tablets
  • Two Wacom Mobile Studios (Stand-Alone Computers And Screens In One)

Animated Arts Lab

  • Six Wacom Cintiq Workstations
  • Four 2D Animation Workstations
  • Stop Motion/3D Animation Suite (With Three Stations Loaded With The Industry Standard Dragonframe Software And 3 Canon 50D’s)
  • Multiplane Animation Suite
  • Direct Animation Workstation
  • Four Light Tables
  • Various High-Lumen Projectors
  • 4K Cameras
  • Steady Cams

Sound Lab

  • Vocal/Isolation Audio Recording Booth
  • Logic X Production/Mixing Station
  • Dj Station With Serato Scratch
  • Oculus Rift Development Kit
  • 4K Video Camera
  • Steadicam
  • Legacy Media Transfer Station
  • Specialized Projectors For Installation Pieces
  • Mac Pro With Specialized Video And Sound Editing/Manipulation Software Such As Isadora
  • 8mm Projectors
  • 16mm Projectors
  • Mixers
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • Monitors
  • Vintage Film Reels

Sculpture Studios

  • Projection Room
  • Plaster And Slip Cast Mold Making Facility
  • Welding And Metal Working Area
  • Extensive Woodshop
  • Ceramic Studio
  • Glass Kilns For Fusing And Slumping

Media Resource Center

  • Digital Projectors
  • Laptops
  • Large-Format Photography Equipment
  • Ipads
  • Professional Lighting Equipment
  • High-End DSLR Cameras

Creative Technology Lab

  • Trotec Speedy 300 Laser Cutter
  • TAZ 3D Printer
  • Replicator Mini 3D Printer
  • Replicator 2X 3D Printer
  • CNC Router
  • Large Format Printer
  • Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter
  • XY Plotter
  • Eggbot Plotter
  • HTC Vives
  • Oculus Rift And Touch Controllers
  • Cintiq Drawing Tablets
  • Structure Sensor 3D Scanner
  • Soldering Stations
  • Kinect V1
  • Kinect V2
  • Lender Laptops
  • Midi Keyboards
  • Vive Trackers
  • Projector
  • Perception Neuron Motion Capture Kit
  • Zed Depth Sensing Camera
  • Samsung Odyssey Titan
  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
  • MSI VR Laptops

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