Expanding the boundaries of traditional graphic design.

We expand the boundaries of traditional graphic design, rooting students in a vital understanding of the relationship between medium and message. This area of study prepares you for the broadest possibilities and most challenging engagements in today’s creative industries.

While the curriculum is rooted in fundamentals like type and composition, we encourage designers to find the right form for their message and push the boundaries of what design can be and do in the world. The curriculum encourages hands-on learning, experimentation, and interpollenation between art and design solutions across media. Through independent and collaborative projects, we foster the development of research, critical thinking, and creative practice skills while being grounded in design that works. Designers ask "why" at every turn of the process, emphasizing what they want the person experiencing their work to do: We want to inspire action, to make people understand each other better. To help people connect, to empathize, to think and to feel, and to have fun with it. 

The same skills that are used in great design work with clients—creating exciting visuals to sell a product or an idea, or ways to drive a brand forward in fun and visionary ways—can also be used to create community, to start conversations, or spark change.

student work

It has been amazing to see the people in my class, who all started out with their own “thing” as artists, evolve into the design versions of those artists... becoming the designers they were meant to be.

Alicia Vidal, '22

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