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The Master of Fine Arts in Print Media is a 60-credit, two-year program with a flexible structure that facilitates a unique studio practice that is both independent and collaborative.

Print Media’s Studio is an epicenter of intense making, professional collaboration, and creativity, crossing pathways into industry, research, commercial applications, education, and the broad fields of fine art and design.

The print matrix’s capacity for unique, multiple, and widely distributed forms bridges the realms of fine art and mass media. Print Media supports the idea that a print can be an image or an object, or can take on site-specific concerns. Topics such as craft, originality, communication, entrepreneurship, consumerism, social engagement, propaganda, and protest are embedded in the curriculum.

The program offers a diverse range of traditional and emerging printmaking pathways, integrating new techniques and media to expand our capacity as makers and collaborators in the fine art, academic, and commercial realms.

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Visiting Artists and Printers

We are pleased to welcome distinguished visiting artists and master printers to our print studio for extended working residencies. This affords our students the opportunity to work alongside and learn from practitioners who are pushing the medium forward.

Community Events

Throughout the year, we invite members of the community into our print studio for collaborative printmaking events. For Reclaim MLK Day, we had a great day working with the young artists and activists of Don't Shoot Portland! The kids created all of the artwork themselves, and we helped them burn screens and make prints.

We screen printed, and printed large woodblock prints on the Ray Trayle press to produce work with the kids for the Reclaim MLK Day Children's March.

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