Enrolling Students

Please check back to this page periodically throughout the summer as dates are subject to change.

This timeline is designed to help you prepare to PNCA at Willamette University. We’ll be in contact with you to support you through each of the tasks outlined here, so please keep an eye on your email for detailed instructions outlining how to complete each item in this list. Check your progress on your personal checklist at any time.

If you have had a 504, IEP or ADA accommodation before or if you believe that you will need accommodations, we encourage you to pursue a consultation with Accessible Education Services by reaching out directly to accessible-info@willamette.edu.

March 1 - June 1

Update your Contact Information
We look forward to supporting you throughout the enrollment process, and in order to be most effective, we need updated contact information for you and your family. Please fill out the Contact Information Update on your Applicant Status Page.

March 3 - May 7

Create your Willamette email account
Create your Willamette University email account to gain access to all of our network services.

April 15 - July 15

Update your emergency contact information
Update your emergency contact information in SAGE, the system where you may interface with your academic information.

April 18 - Aug 28

Course Registration

First Years: We will place you into your courses, but the time and date of the courses will be to-be-determined. We will reopen course modifications towards early July so that you can review and confirm your course registrations in SAGE.

Transfers: Please follow the instructions in this document to select your preferred fall courses in SAGE.

May 6 - Late August

Early advising with Accessible Education Services
If you have an IEP or 504 in high school, identify as autistic or have ADHD, or if you have mental health concerns, please contact Accessible Education Service (accessible-info@willamette.edu) to assess what accommodations or support will be appropriate for your success.

May 16 - May 31

Complete Phase I of your Housing Application Process by May 31st in Bearcat BnB
During this phase of the process, you will A) review the Housing Contract and electronically sign acknowledging you accept the terms, B) make a decision regarding your renters insurance for your residence hall room, and C) complete your housing questionnaire which will help us match you with your first college roommate.

May 23 - July 14

Information about paying for college mailed to you
Be on the lookout for a mailing that summarizes estimated costs and financial aid for fall semester, provides instructions for student loan processing, and outlines options for paying fall balance due ( eg. payment plan, parent loan, and/or private loan).

June 1 - June 15

Complete Phase 2 of your Housing Application Process by June 15th in Bearcat BnB
During this phase, you will find or confirm your roommate through the Bearcat BnB portal. All roommate requests must be mutual, meaning, each student must request each other. You can bypass this phase if you would like the system to match you based on the answers you provided in your housing application questionnaire.

June 4 - Early September

Submit your final high school transcript
Request your final transcripts from your high school and have them sent to the Office of Admission. Questions can be directed to pncaadmissions@willamette.edu.

June 13 - August 8

Get your student ID card
Submit your ID card photo online. We'll have your card ready for you to pick up when you arrive on campus.

Mid-June — Mid-August

Complete your required educational trainings
Prior to arrival, students must complete required trainings about sexual assault prevention, alcohol and other drug prevention, as well as topics on the subject of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These trainings are assigned by the Office of Student Affairs to promote a community of respect, safety, health, and overall well-being of students. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Affairs at student-affairs-office@willamette.edu.

July 1 - August 1

Complete your Health History & Immunization Information paperwork
Submit your online health history & immunization information to Bishop Wellness Center via the Student Health Portal. You'll receive an email with instructions from SaVanna Kraal, and information about SB 274 will be included per Oregon Law.

July 5

Student Accounts Office information mailed to you
Look out for a mailing from Students Accounts regarding your online statement, the billing process, payment options and other important matters.

July 15

View your tuition & fees statement
Your tuition & fees statement will be posted to your online account, and a paper copy will be sent via regular mail.

July 15 - August 29

Complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement
All students are required to accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, which outlines the financial terms and conditions associated with enrollment at Willamette. Simply log into Bill+Payment and the agreement will appear on your screen. You must click "I Agree" prior to the first day of classes.

July 18 - TBA

Complete your Student Health Insurance Waiver
If you'd like to waive the university-provided health insurance, submit your Student Health Insurance Waiver online by early to mid-September. Reach out to SaVanna Kraal at skraal@willamette.edu with questions.

August 5

Receive Your Housing Assignment and roommate information on August 5th
Keep an eye on your Willamette email address for your housing assignment and roommate information on or by August 5th. This information will also be available in Bearcat BnB, Willamette's housing portal.

August 23

Move-in for students living on campus
Information about the move in process will be emailed to your Willamette email address. View important dates for housing for the year on the housing calendar and direct any questions to housing@willamette.edu.

August 24

New Student Orientation begins
New Student Orientation is our way of making sure you have all the information you'll need to adjust to PNCA. Contact the Office of Student Life with questions at pnca-student-life@willamette.edu!

August 29

First day of undergraduate classes
Classes begin for undergraduate students. Explore the full academic calendar here.

Student Checklist

There are a few tasks you need to complete before you will begin your journey at Willamette. Once you have created your Willamette email account, you will be able to access your personal checklist.