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Combine an MFA with an MA in Critical Studies

The Dual MFA/MA Degree exhibition at the PNCA Glass building

Advantages of the Dual Degree program

Combine an MFA in Visual Studies or Print Media with an MA in Critical Studies.

The MFA/MA Dual Degree Program at PNCA offers a unique blend of artistic and critical studies, providing students with an opportunity to pursue both a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Visual Studies or Print Media and a Master of Art (MA) in Critical Studies simultaneously over three years. This program is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of art in society, combining individual research, group work, and experiential learning.

The MA in Critical Studies portion delves into various critical theories, such as feminist theory, queer theory, and post-colonial theory. It offers additional time and support for a written thesis and includes public scholarship with opportunities for attending academic conferences. 

The Dual Degree pathway integrates critical writing with creative practices, enables the acquisition of advanced critical skills, and aids in building a portfolio that includes publishable writing. It connects students with a network of interdisciplinary practitioners, giving them an edge in competitive postgraduate arenas where the ability to theorize, write about, and produce visual culture is highly valued.

Overall, the MA/MFA dual degree in Fine Arts and Critical Studies is directed toward students eager to merge studio practice with rigorous visual analysis, ideal for artists who wish to enhance their artistic explorations through critical writing.


For any questions about the dual degree program, contact Shawna Lipton, Chair, MA in Critical Studies. Email

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