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Video + Sound invites you into an expansive investigation of moving image and audio culture

As a Video + Sound student, your work builds on the rich histories and interconnections between video art, sound art, experimental film, and emerging platforms such as virtual and augmented reality. Principles of video and sound are taught in hands-on learning environments where you gain the experience needed to communicate ideas through structure, pace, rhythm, duration, and the interplay between image and sound. Studio practice and media studies combine in classes where you will develop critical, aesthetic, and technical skills vital to cultural production in an evolving digital landscape. Students work across disciplines, creating immersive audiovisual environments, sound performances, interactive screen projects, live video performances, and sculpture constructed from outmoded technologies.

student work

I became enamored with any medium that's time based and with the editing process that goes hand and hand with video and sound.

Benjamin Glas-Hochstettler

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