ZGF Sponsorship to Shape Design Initiatives at PNCA

June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010

Leslie Miller, External Relations Specialist
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Ann Hudner, VP Communications & Public Programs
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ZGF Sponsorship to Shape Design Initiatives at PNCA

PORTLAND, OR – June 23, 2010 – Pacific Northwest College of Art is pleased to announce a new partnership with ZGF Architects LLP as part of its Centennial Campaign for PNCA+FIVE, a $32 million effort to raise funds for capital, public exhibitions, scholarships and endowment. The campaign, now in its final phase, has raised more than $31 million to date.

As part of the agreement, ZGF will join the College’s Corporate Partners Program as a Visionary Circle member ($20,000 and above) and will be recognized as Presenting Sponsor for PNCA’s 2010-11 Visiting Artist Lectures Series. With a slate of nearly 30 visiting speakers from the world of design and architecture, the lecture series enhances the educational experience of PNCA students and brings renowned artists, designers, and thinkers to Portland. Lectures are free and open to the public.

The 2010-11 Visiting Artist Lecture Series includes such renowned speakers as Bryan Bell, recipient of the Progressive Architecture Award in 1986 and founder of Design Corps; Lew Oliver, an Atlanta-based designer and founder and CEO of Whole Town Solutions, a firm focusing on sustainable design and neighborhood and town quality; and Trisha Donnelly, a well-known New York conceptual artist whose work incorporates a variety of media including video, sound, photographs, drawings, and performance.

ZGF leaders will also work closely with PNCA as the College further develops BFA and MFA programs in design, as well as design exhibitions with the Museum of Contemporary Craft, which entered into a partnership with PNCA in July 2009. ZGF leaders and employees will take part on an ongoing basis as speakers and advisors, and as members of PNCA’s advisory council on innovation and design.

“We are tremendously excited about this partnership with ZGF, which will help to fuel PNCA’s momentum as one of the fastest growing colleges of art and design in the nation,” said Tom Manley, President of Pacific Northwest College of Art. “ZGF’s support and involvement will have a direct impact on students, and will also contribute to our efforts to make PNCA a school of influence, shaping trends in art, design and culture, in Portland and beyond.”

ZGF Managing Partner Bob Packard noted that, “We see this as a synergistic collaboration that complements ZGF’s global perspective and benefits our designers. ZGF is proud to support the PNCA in this lecture series and in training the next generation of designers.”

About Pacific Northwest College of Art
Since its founding in 1909, Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) has become a leader in innovative educational programs that connect students to a global perspective in the visual arts and design. In addition to its eight Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, PNCA offers graduate education with an MFA in Visual Studies, as well as an MFA in Applied Craft and Design developed in collaboration with the Oregon College of Art and Craft. PNCA is actively involved in Portland’s cultural life through exhibitions and a vibrant public program of lectures and internationally recognized visiting artists, designers and creative thinkers. With the support of PNCA+FIVE (Ford Institute for Visual Education), the College has a partnership with the nationally acclaimed Museum of Contemporary Craft. For more information, visit www.pnca.edu.