Award-winning Artists in PNCA's Boundary Crossings

August 08, 2019

Animated still from Eric Dyer


August 8, 2019

Contact: Lisa Radon,

Boundary Crossings: Connected Moments • Performing Cycles at Pacific Northwest College of Art

Portland, OR—August 8, 2019—As a culmination of Boundary Crossings 2019, our biannual institute for animated arts that begins August 12 and runs through August 23, 2019, Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) presents Boundary Crossings: Connected Moments • Performing Cycles on August 23, 2019 at 6pm in our Shipley/Collins Mediatheque theater. This free public showcase of animated sculpture, installation, and performance created over the two-week institute will feature work by visiting faculty member and award-winning artist Eric Dyer, a master of pre-cinematic apparatus who constructs what he calls "radial animations." Among the 17 artists whose work will be on view are Oscar winner, Joan Gratz and Creative Capital award-winning artist and PNCA faculty member, Sharita Towne.

For this session of the Boundary Crossings intensive, participants are encouraged to go out into the city of Portland to find instances of stasis and change and use that material to fashion animated installations that reflect a vision or time slice of the community in which we live.

The 2019 Boundary Crossings institute was framed by thinking about:

How do you see the world? What do you choose to focus on? What do you filter out? How do your views shape your sense of self? As animators and artists interested in the moving image, we are often drawn to the kinetics of things, details that move, how they change, and even seeing sequence in the static. Ours is an imagined world of connected moments unfolding in time to reveal meaning.

Animation has long existed outside the codes and conventions of the studio cartoon, traversing the terrain of time, space, and form. Now in its sixth biennial manifestation, PNCA’s Boundary Crossings is a two-week intensive institute open to working professionals, scholar/practitioners, graduate and upper-level undergraduate students interested in a hands-on exploration of animated installation as a medium and a site for investigation of moving image interdisciplinary practice.

About the Faculty

ROSE BOND, animator and media artist, has been internationally recognized for her monumental, content-driven, animated installations. Her themes are often drawn from the site, existing at the juncture of memory, architecture and public/private space. Her installations have illuminated urban spaces in Portland, Zagreb, Toronto, Exeter UK, Utrecht and New York. In 2016 Bond directed her first feature length animated projection performed live with Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalila. Bond’s paint-on-film animated films have been presented at major international festivals and are held in the MoMA Film Collection. Her work has been cited in numerous publications including Experimental Animation: Origins of a New Art, Re-imagining Animation: The Changing Face of the Moving Image, The Animation Bible, Experimental and Expanded Animation: New Perspectives and Practices, and Experimental Animation: From Analogue to Digital. Canadian by birth, Bond is based in Portland, Oregon where she heads Animated Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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ERIC DYER is an artist who brings animation into the physical world with his sequential images, sculptures, installations, and performances. Beginning with his pioneering films Copenhagen Cycles (2006) and The Bellows March (2009), which were made by shooting spinning cut-paper and 3D-printed sculptures, Dyer continues to reinvent Victorian Era optical devices, exploring topics related to media history, our relationship with technology, kinetics as a form of artistic expression, and the relevance of physical presence in an increasingly digital world.

Dyer’s work has been widely exhibited at events and venues such as the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art, Ars Electronica, international animation festivals in numerous countries, the screens of Times Square, and the Cairo and Venice Biennales. He has been honored as a Fulbright Fellow, Sundance New Frontier Artist, Creative Capital Artist, and Guggenheim Fellow. His fervent exploration of expression through motion has placed his work in books such as Re-imagining Animation: the Changing Face of the Moving Image, Pervasive Animation, Animation: A World History, and A New History of Animation. He has been a visiting artist at institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, ECNU in Shanghai, and CalArts. Dyer teaches visual arts and animation at UMBC in Baltimore and is represented by the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City.

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