WW Reviews MFA Exhibitions

June 11, 2017

"Perhaps more than any other corner of the art world, these artists ask for all they can from their viewers—and from art itself."

Shannon Gormley reviews our MFA Exhibitions for the Willamette Week in a piece entitled, "PNCA’s MFA Exhibits Have A Lot To Say." 

Focusing on the work of Angélica Maria Millán Lazono, Savanna Youngquist, Jenna Reineking, and Aruni Dharmakirthi, Gormley notes that, "Most of the works aren't exactly confrontational, but they're rarely serene." She locates art school as a place that artists can make work free from market considerations, a place where work can delve into that which is uncomfortable for the viewer, places demands on the viewer. 

The MFA Thesis Exhibition is open through June 16.