Students Awarded Scholarships from Argyle Winery

September 12, 2016

Left to right: award-winning designs by Christin Engelberth, Lindsey Walker, and Subin Yang

Congratulations to Christin Engelberth '19 (Illustration), Subin Yang '17 (Illustration), and Lindsey Walker '17 (General Fine Arts), who have been awarded $5,000 scholarships through a partnership between PNCA and Argyle Winery. They were chosen from 60 applicants to create label designs for an Argyle winery sparkling wine in a juried competition, and their works so impressed the panel of judges that rather than selecting a single artist’s label design, the winery decided to print all three of the labels and award all three students scholarships.

Argyle Winery released the new designs at an celebration on September 10, where the students’ work was installed in an exhibition and they were awarded their scholarships. The students’ designs grace the bottles of a limited edition “Art of Sparkling” Vintage Brut three-bottle box set.

To develop a creative brief, the students visited the 30-year-old Willamette Valley winery where they were immersed in the science and history of winemaking. The students received no further direction and were free to interpret the experience in any way they imagined.

Upon seeing the students’ work, the jury felt that the designs by each of the three students should be printed. “Each produced a work that reflects a creatively researched understanding of the Argyle Winery, and the surrounding wine-growing community in the Willamette Valley,” the winery noted.

Subin Yang’s illustration of a summer night was inspired by the hills of Dundee and the way nature helps grow the vineyard for the winemaking process. Lindsey Walker’s design invokes the elevation, soil, and sunlight of Argyle’s vineyards. And the design by Christin Engleberth merges a grape vine with filbert leaves and illustrates the rabbit that resides in the Argyle gardens.

The Newberg Graphic newspaper wrote a story on the process of the juried competition. 

More about each of the students:

Christin Engelberth moved to the U.S. from Germany when she was 5 years old and has since lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. Her German upbringing has had a huge effect on her work, as she often tries to capture the colors, the forests, the German countryside and the Fairy Tales of her childhood. She paints plants, people and the combination thereof , partially due to the influence of her parents , both of whom are botanists. She is fascinated by all aspects of the natural world, from the oceans to the forests to deep outer space.

Lindsey Cuenca Walker is an interdisciplinary artist from California who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Her interests range from paintings, to prints, to objects. Her work focuses on abstract and semi-representational forms which function implicitly and shy away from literal concrete meaning

Subin Yang is an illustrator from Seoul, South Korea, who is inspired by the seemingly mundane and simple joys of life, Subin makes works that often make the viewers squeal softly in excitement with adorable and colorful imagery which appeal to both adults and children. Like the phrase “organized chaos”, which she uses to describe the kind of work she hopes to make, Subin enjoys making cluttered and detailed imageries with tasteful curation to lead the eye. Subin’s work ranges from collaging and traditional media to digital illustration because of her love for experimentation.