Spring ‘17 Advanced Graphic Novel Class Celebrates the Release of Their Comic Anthology

September 04, 2017

Congratulations to the students of our spring '17 Advanced Graphic Novel class and their instructor, Jonathan Hill, on the completion of their Unversed Comic Anthology project! 

Unversed is what happens when a group of the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s finest cartoonists dive into the unknown. Whether it’s navigating the dating world, learning to be your own person in the shadow of those that have come before you, or the unfolding of a new romance, Unversed is a collection of stories that navigate unfamiliar situations and explore the growth that comes from not knowing. This 180 page comic anthology took 4 months to complete, and was then successfully Kickstartered to fully fund the production of the final book. 

Participating Students:

Mackenzie Baker 
Shayla Charnett 
Hope Dibby 
Unah Denight 
Maria Frantz 
Clive Hawken 
Tandy Kunkle 
Vance Lump 
Conor MacBride
Seaerra Miller
Alex Yip

Jonathan and his cartoonists will be hosting a celebratory book release party on September 16, 2017 from 7-9pm at Books With Pictures comic book store at 1100 SE Division St, #103, Portland, OR 97414. All are welcome!