Slideshow: Graphic Novel Intensive 2009

July 01, 2009

PNCA’s recent Graphic Novel Intensive celebrated the process of comic book storytelling and the work of comic book artists.

This year, faculty member and multi-media artist Daniel Duford (The Naked Boy, Radio Relay Towers), illustrator Ellen Forney (I Love Led Zeppelin, The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie and web site) led students through a week-long comics boot camp.

Keep an eye on for the release of the Graphic Novel Intensive Anthology — original art and pre-orders will be available soon. Past Graphic Novel Intensive instructors have included Scott McCloud, Peter Bagge, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. Visit the “Graphic Novel Intensive blog”:http://pncacewebcomic.wordpres... for more information.

Slideshow photos by Brigitte d’Autremont