Skylar Jessen's DinWorkshop joins New Museum's NEW INC

September 25, 2019

Skylar Jessen

Alumnus Skylar Jessen '14 and Dave Allen, member of the band Gang of Four and formerly of Apple Music, have been working for a year and a half to build DinWorkshop, a studio focused experimenting with and designing new opportunities for artists to create sustainable revenue streams, and bringing together artists, communities, and companies. Now DinWorkshop will join NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for art, tech, and design as part of their Equitable Platforms track.

Jessen is an honoree of the Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards who has done design direction for Grammy Award winning artists, global non-profits, and underground art communities. After graduating from PNCA with a BFA in Communication Design (now Graphic Design), Jessen went on to the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU Tisch, a two-year graduate program exploring the imaginative use of communications technologies.

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