Robert Boyd and Brian Lund Shows Close October 24

October 22, 2009

Explore Robert Boyd’s “Conspiracy Theory” and the intricate drawings of Brian Lund in the Feldman Gallery + Project Space—both shows close October 24.

Part of the recent Time-Based Arts Festival presented by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, both shows have garnered wide interest from the Portland community/

Robert Boyd’s Conspiracy Theory is a synchronized two-channel video installation, addressing issues of social paranoia and civil distrust in an era of questionable politics. The video covers topics from government involvement in the September 11 attacks to human invention of the HIV/AIDS virus, and the bizarre “reptilian agenda” that reveals reptilians as rulers of humanity.

Incorporating audio and video excerpts from syndicated radio talk show hosts, international conspiracists and more, Conspiracy Theory addresses some of today’s leading conspiracies relayed by their most evocative proponents. Set to a fast-paced dance track, the work functions as both a critique and parody while raising the question: What if all is not as it seems?

Brian Lund’s pencil drawings feature a self-invented visual vocabulary, consisting of a complex system of dots, dashes, lines, and numbers that translate the vast editing systems of Hollywood films into abstract compositions. This series of works on paper draw from two cinematic sources: Oliver Stone’s Wall Street (1987) and Busby Berkeley’s choreographed dance sequences from Depression-era Hollywood musicals. Every character and/or action in Wall Street and the Berkeley dance numbers has been graphically translated to a series of marks.

Through an interweaving of these diagrammatic forms, Lund interprets a complex and layered multimedia experience. Lund’s works are highlighted in the Project Space.

Read a review of Lund’s show in the “Portland Mercury”: