Ray Trayle Print Prize Awarded to PNCA Printmaking Department

February 21, 2019

In an unprecedented move, the Ray Trayle Print Prize Committee has awarded the 2019 Ray Trayle Print Prize to the PNCA Printmaking Department. The Ray Trayle Print Prize is an annual award given to a remarkable Northwest printmaker in appreciation of Ray Trayle’s contribution to the art of printmaking.

In a letter notifying the department of the award, committee member Stephen Leflar wrote:

Printmaking is an artistic discipline with many skilled and respected practitioners, all of whom we wish to honor and recognize. It is in the PNCA Print Department where we find the very vessel for what we seek and treasure. Those of you who have been involved in the Print Department stand out as inspiration for others. With this prize, we honor each of you. For in the spirit of generosity similar to Ray Trayle himself, all of you inspire the best in both human and artistic endeavors by helping others and creating work of artistic excellence.

"It is an honor to share this award and recognition with the incredible people that make PNCA Printmaking what it is," said Abra Ancliffe, Printmaking Department Head.

Because of Trayle's generosity in the design and fabrication of their hand-tailored printing presses, press owners and regional printmakers came together to create THE RAY TRAYLE PRINT PRIZE. Each year, an outstanding regional printmaker receives recognition of merit and a cash award in Ray Trayle’s name. Initiated with contributions from grateful printmakers who own Ray Trayle presses, this endowed fund is established under the auspices of the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Ray Trayle Print Prize Steering Committee includes the following professionals: Manda Beckett, Frank Boyden, Jonnel Couvalt, Dennis Cunningham, Shawn Dermarest, Sheryl Funkhauser, Jim Hibbard, Yuji Hiratsuka, George Johanson, Liza Jones, Randall Koch, Ikie Kressel, Irwin Javenberg, Stephen Leflar, Pamela Morris, Hibiki Miyazaki, Nicole Rawlings, Nancy Prior, Tom Prochaska, Bill Rhodes, John Saling, Anne Warnock, and Christy Wyckoff.