Portland Galleries Celebrate PNCA

October 08, 2009

During October, Portland’s vibrant gallery scene overflows with artists from the PNCA community including students, alumni, faculty and faculty emeriti. Thank you to all of the galleries for their continued support and for celebrating PNCA’s Centennial, 1909-2009.

For complete show information; please contact individual galleries.

Download the “PNCA=100 Inside/Outside—All Around Town brochure”:http://homeroom.pnca.edu/download/585127.

*23 Sandy Gallery*
623 NE 23rd Ave
Group Show: “Broadsided! The Intersection of Art and Literature”
Artist: Malini Gupta ’05

*Augen Gallery*
716 NW Davis St
Group Show: “Honoring PNCA Alumni”
Artists: George Johanson ’50; Sally Cleveland ’81; Terry Waldron ‘92; Morgan Walker ’93; Jef Gunn; Stan Wood ’71

*Beppu Wiarda Gallery*
319 NW Ninth Ave
“New Work–Mixed Media on Canvas”
Artist: Deborah Gillis ’95

*Blackfish Gallery*
420 NW Ninth Ave
Group Show:  Work by PNCA Alumni & Faculty
Artists: Lynda Ater ’01; Barbara Black ’84; Tori Bryer Board Member; Jana Demartini, Former Faculty; Paul Missal, Faculty; Angela Passalacqua ’88; Eric Rue ’05; Sue Tower ’82; Judith Wyss ’81

*Butters Gallery*
520 NW Davis St
“PNCA at 100: Jeffrey Butters”
Artist: Jeffery Butters ’90

*Charles A Hartman Fine Art*
134 NW Eighth Ave
“Hayley Barker: Chimeras”
Artist: Hayley Barker, Faculty

*Elizabeth Leach Gallery*
417 NW Ninth Avenue
“Written from Exile”
Artist: Ryan Pierce, Faculty

*Fourteen30 Contemporary*
1430 SE Third Ave
“Nan Curtis + Nicolaii Dornstauder: In conjunction with the Centennial Celebrations of PNCA”
Artists: Nan Curtis, Faculty; Nicolaii Dornstauder ’09

*Froelick Gallery*
714 NW Davis St
“Tom Prochaska & Claudio Tschopp”
Artist: Tom Prochaska, Faculty

*Launch Pad Gallery*
534 SE Oak St
Group Show: “Family”
Artists: Justinian Frey ’94; Carolina Medina-Dupaix ’04; Jason Kappus

*Laura Russo Gallery*
805 NW 21st Ave
Group Show: “PNCA Alumni”
Artists: Jay Backstrand ’61; Marlene Bauer ’76; Michael Brophy ’85; Louis Bunce, Faculty Emeritus; Sean Cain ’94; Tom Cramer ’82; Chris Gander ’86; William Givler, Former Dean; Roll Hardy ’02; Manuel Izquierdo ’51, Faculty Emeritus; Jackie Johnson ’74; Mary Josephson ’86; Lucinda Parker ’66; Jack Portland ’71; Jan Reaves; Eric Stotik ’85; Margot Voorhies Thompson ’84; Sherrie Wolf ’74

*Museum of Contemporary Craft–Exhibition Space*
724 NW Davis St
Group Show: “Call + Response”
Artists: David Eckard, Faculty; Anne Marie Oliver, Faculty

*NEMO Headquarters*
1875 SE Belmont St
“Off the Clock”
Artist: Andrea Paustenbaugh ’06

*Onda Gallery – Lake Oswego*
Group Show: “Celebrating Art and Nature - National Wildlife Refuge Week Kickoff”
Artist: Susan Jensen ’81

*PNCA Hybrid Gallery*
indigo @ twelve | west; 430 SW 13th Ave

Group Show: “Possible Progress in Body Relations”
Artists: Alexander Ian Smith ’11; Chad Hinman ’10; Taryn Tomasello ’12; Lacy Davis ’10; Robert Burns ’10; Sokhun Keo ’10; Sarah Johnson ’09; and Brennan Broome ’11

*PDX Contemporary Gallery*
925 NW Flanders St
“Across the Hall: In Honor of PNCA @ 100”
Artist: Derek Franklin ’09; Molly Vidor ’94

*Pulliam Gallery*
929 NW Flanders St

Artists: Kay French ’86; Linda Hutchins ’88; George Johanson ’50; Paula Overbay ’75; Yoshihiro Kitai, Faculty; Raul J. Mendez ’97; G. Lewis Clevenger ’73

*Tribute Gallery at Everett Station Lofts*
328 NW Broadway #117

“Se(xxy) Plastic”
Artists: Adrienne Butzer ’07, Seth A. Leamer ’07

*Mark Woolley and ANKA Gallery*
325 NW Sixth Ave

“All in the Family”
Artists: Melinda Thorsnes ’71; Diane Avio-Augee ’80; Emery Hinkley ’90; Brigitte Dortmund ’92; Nancy Franzino; Miles Cleveland Goodwin ’07; Julia Stoops; Stuart Cornell ’97; Tamara English ’04; Ed King ’04; Rachel Denny ’97; Michael T. Hensley ’95; Rachael Allen ’03