Podcast: Interviews with Jenene Nagy and Holly Andres

March 16, 2010

Finn Grey ’10 speaks with two PNCA faculty members who are part of Portland 2010, a biennial of work in Portland presented by Disjecta and curated by Cris Moss.

Instructor in Foundation “Jenene Nagy”:http://www.jenenenagy.com talks about her site-specific installation, _Destroyer_, opening at the Templeton Building. Nagy talks about the transition from Tidal, her recent large-scale work at Disjecta; the color pink; how site has informed her last two installations; and the relationship between illusion and reality.

*An Interview with Jenene Nagy*
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Photographer and PNCA instructor “Holly Andres”:http://www.hartmanfineart.net/... talks about two triptychs based on real life stories of mothers engaged in heroic acts to protect their children. These six photographs are from a larger series of work in which real-life subjects and their stories form the basis of staged narrative photographs depicting the secret lives of fictitious families.

*An Interview with Holly Andres*
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Portland 2010 takes place in a variety of galleries and warehouse spaces across Portland in March and April. Two exhibitions including work by PNCA faculty and alumni will open on Saturday, March 20. The Templeton Building features work by faculty members Holly Andres, David Eckard, Damien Gilley and Jenene Nagy, as well as alumni Pat Boas ’98 and Oregon Painting Society. Faculty Stephen Slappe presents a solo exhibition at the Leftbank building. “Visit the Portland 2010 website for more information.”:http://portland2010.disjecta.org.