PNCA’s Art and Science Initiative Awardees

May 02, 2017

Congratulations to PNCA’s Art and Science Initiative Awardees for their work with various partner organizations this semester. All of these students were selected to collaborate and make work to highlight various social and ecological themes. Through these projects, they are applying their studio and theory curriculum to creative professional practice experiences. 

Sarah Birch, BFA Animated Arts '17 and Cai Veronda, BFA Animated Arts' 17 were awarded the Invasion Tactics Award in partnership with Oregon Department of Agriculture to research and develop animated work to help raise public awareness to address the critical problems posed by the invasive Japanese Beetle in Portland. 

Anke Gladnick, BFA Illustration ’17 received the 2016-17 Science in Studio Award. Anke is examining the hidden culture of salmon in California and is in the process of creating an illustrated children's book after a research trip to Californian where she met with scientists and examined the watershed from Sacramento to Arcata. 

E. D. Dahl, BFA Intermedia ’18 is working with the West Willamette Restoration Partnership as the Artist-in-Residence for the Connecting Portland Urban Forests Project, pulling ivy and connecting community around urban ecological restoration. Look out for her signage on your urban hikes this summer. 

Stephanie Fogel, BFA ’15 is collaborating with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to create the Bee Project logo to celebrate best practices when it comes to pollinator landscapes. 

Molly Alloy, MFA Visual Studies ’18 will begin the Bee Project Artist-in-Residence this summer, traveling throughout the State of Oregon to connect community around Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Bee Project and celebrate Oregon’s diverse native pollinators. 

Lynsee Sardell, MFA Visual Studies ’18 will spend the summer in the research lab as the Artist-in-Residence working alongside National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Vera Trainer as part of PNCA’s year long Art + Science Fellowship. 

Kimber Tidd, BFA, Animated Arts ’18; Megan Kuttler BFA Communication Design ’18; Michelle Vorce, MFA Collaborative Design ’18; and Tippi Calson, BFA ’15 will develop and co-teach art and science integrated curriculum for OMSI’s summer middle and high school programming on location at the Coastal Discovery Center in Newport, Oregon. Go STEAM.

The Art + Science Initiative at PNCA is a platform for students to make, think, experience, and research ideas and concepts at the intersection of science, culture and art practice. Through lectures, workshops, exhibition, residences, and grant awards students investigate and consider the relationships between ourselves and the natural world.