PNCA|PENSOLE Faculty Featured

April 29, 2018

Angela Medlin, PNCA|PENSOLE faculty member

PNCA|PENSOLE faculty member, Angela Medlin, is profiled in the new the Schoolhouse Electric spring catalog. Schoolhouse interviews Medlin about her creative life alongside photos of her home in Portland. 

She says, "I am a 'creativepreneur.' I never put limitations on my imagination or on what’s possible to accomplish. Anything I’m truly passionate about flows through other parts of my life. My imagination is my superpower!"

Medlin is an artist as well as a designer. She talks about being a "whole creative," and this is a window into what her creative life looks like. She has a long career designing performance apparel for global companies and last year started Functional Apparel & Accessories (FAAS ).

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