PNCA Announces 2009 President's Award Winners

May 31, 2009

Each year,  PNCA President Tom Manley selects two PNCA students from the annual BFA Juried Exhibition to receive awards. This year, President Manley awarded Brooke Eastburn with a 2009 President’s Award and Jeremy Le Grand with a 2009 President’s Award Honorable Mention.

Photography major Brooke Eastburn ‘09 was the recipient of the President’s Award for her three video pieces: “Art21Mockumentary: Beastburn,” “Invocation,” and “Sea Journey.”

“I am interested in exploring the binary oppositions between the appropriate and inappropriate, art and pornography, morality and perversity,” Eastburn related in an artist’s statement. “By embracing the abject, I force my viewers to confront their own cultural fears.”

Intermedia major Jeremy Le Grand ’09 received the Honorable Mention for his piece “Untitled,” featuring cut and stacked digital prints.

“This work is about translating the physicality of the subject into its visual representation. By making the image embody the tactile characteristics of the jungle it depicts I am attempting to collapse the space between subject and object, allowing the viewer to occupy the indeterminate space between illusion and reality.”

Top, film still of Brook Eastburn’s “Art21Mockumentary: Beastburn.” Bottom, photo of Jeremy Le Grand’s “Untitled.”