September 13, 2009

The Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival is Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s annual convergence of contemporary performance, dance, music, new media and visual arts projects in Portland, Oregon.

In collaboration with PICA, Pacific Northwest College of Art co-hosted a series of noontime chats with festival artists and members of the creative community, along with two exhibitions by “Brian Lund”:http://www.pnca.edu/exposure/c... and “Robert Boyd”:https://www.pnca.edu/exposure/calendar.php?event_id=1399&list_type=9&cat=1&year=2009, on view at the Feldman Gallery through October 24. In addition recent alumni Tyler Wallace ‘09 and Nicole Dill ‘09 presented a mobile performance and outdoor video installation, “Between Us”. Art collective “The Oregon Painting Society” presented a performance at The Works. Members include PNCA alumni Jason Traeger ‘08, Liam Drain ‘08, Barbara Kinzle ‘08, Brenna Murphy ‘09 and current PNCA student Julia Perry ‘10. Faculty member Stephen Slappe presented a web project and installation, “We Are Legion”. Ethan Rose, who will present a collaborative installation with glass artist Andy Paiko at the “Museum of Contemporary Craft” in November, presented an installation of music boxes. The work of Slappe and Rose will be “on view at The Works”: through October 18.

Photo by Heather Zinger ‘10

Visit PNCA’s Flickr page” or photos of TBA:09 events at PNCA, and works by PNCA faculty and alumni.

“Listen to audio podcasts of TBA:09 Noontime Chats at PNCA.”