Oregon Business Features Nandini Ranganathan's Ambitious Disinformation Project

August 01, 2019

Disinformation Project at PNCA's Make+Think+Code

In an article entitled "Portland's Bletchley Park," Oregon Business shines a spotlight on PNCA's Make+Think+Code (MTC) creative technology lab and its Executive Director, Nandini Ranganathan, featuring the launch of her Disinformation Project.

"The research studio [MTC] is now a venue for an ambitious new project to find a solution to one of the most pressing problems of our time: the dissemination of misinformation over social media, which has become an increasingly pervasive problem over the past few years.

"On August 6 the lab will host the first meeting of the “Disinformation Project.” Open to the community, the initiative is a gathering of a diverse group of mathematicians, technologists, designers, lawyers, gamers, epidemiologists, artists and more, who will collaborate on ideas for solving the conundrum."


Modeled on the World War II codebreaking project in the UK, Ranganathan announced, “We will create a human-powered, inclusive Bletchley Park,” during a TEDx talk in Portland this spring.

"Ranganathan says it is wrong to assume that technologists are the only ones who can solve a problem caused by technology."

More than 250 people have signed up to participate in the new project. And Oregon Business notes that,

"This collaborative approach to finding solutions could become the prototype of the future in the increasingly knowledge-based economy."