Observing Design Through Its Decay with Heidi Schwegler at Design Museum Mornings

August 30, 2017

“To see things again for the first time, that’s the point of art.”  - Heidi Schwegler

This past August, Chair of PNCA's MFA Applied Craft + Design program (offered joined with OCAC), Professor Heidi Schwegler was invited to speak at Design Museum Mornings monthly event about professional processes and how to inspire students to do the same.

Image: Heidi Schwegler, "Separation anxiety_05", 2014, glass, 8 x 17 x 10"

A fantastic exposé of Heidi's creative process and methodology, this online recap of August's Design Museum Mornings event is an intimate look into the mind of a working, professional artist, how they approach creative problem-solving, and the constant search for inspiration.


Design Museum Mornings is a monthly event series meant to inspire you before your day begins. Conducted by Design Museum Portland, each event will include a short presentation by a local thought-leader, free breakfast, and great people to wake up with. Design Museum Mornings purpose is to inspire and bring people of the the Design Museum Portland community closer together. These events are hosted and sponsored by various generous businesses of the Greater Portland area.

Images courtesy of Heidi Schwegler and Victor Dallons at the Portland Photographic Society.