New Book Featuring PNCA Students and Faculty Work Explores The Green Zone

April 30, 2009

Learn more about the new book The Green Zone, a collaborative effort by Pacific Northwest College of Art Faculty Barry Sanders, Pacific Northwest College of Art President Tom Manley and PNCA Communication Design students.

In the book’s preface, “As Far as the Word Can See,” President Manley describes how PNCA collaborated with Sanders on the project and how the book affected the greater Portland community.

“While I was not surprised that so many PNCA faculty and students responded to Barry Sanders’ text (and even more enthusiastically to Barry Sanders) with seriousness and commitment, the prairie-fire sweep of their involvement and the growing momentum of the efforts did impress me,” Manley states in the book’s preface.

In conjunction with curricular studies inspired by early drafts of The Green Zone, PNCA hosted a “Focus the Nation”: conference in Spring 2008. PNCA “Communication Design” students also contributed artwork, which appears in the book.

The Green Zone explores the environmental consequences of militarism and is “the first book to provide a comprehensive examination of the relationship between militarism and ecological destruction,” according to “AK Press”:, the book’s publisher.

“Read President Manley’s Preface”