MTC Executive Director Nandini Ranganathan Issues a Challenge

May 06, 2019

Cryptographer, mathematician, and Executive Director of PNCA's Make+Think+Code lab, Nandini Ranganathan issues an urgent challenge in her recent TedX talk: we have one year to battle the viral spread of disinformation and its dangerous fallout before the next election. She proposes a Bletchley Park for the 21st Century: a human-powered, insight-driven, inclusive project to end disinformation and redefine what civic engagement looks like. Nandini notes that cryptography is a lens through which to see the world as a series of puzzles. And breaking fascist codes or solving complex problems like the threats that come with viral disinformation can be broken down in a similar fashion.

See her talk here:

And send an email to to join the war on disinformation. It begins July 9.

And read more about Nandini's project in TedX Portland Making a Difference. Hers is one of three talks featured in this recent article in the Portland Tribune.