Monthly Podcast: November 2009 Exhibitions

November 29, 2009

Finn Grey ’10 speaks with PNCA students, alumni and visiting artists about current exhibitions in Portland and beyond. Originally broadcast on “PNCA Radio”:

Taryn Tomasello ’11 talks about her video installation in the PNCA BFA Gallery.

Intermedia major Gabi Villasenor ’10 talks about her digital installation in the PNCA Higgins Gallery.

Shannon Richardson ’02 discusses her series of new paintings exhibited at the “Churchill Gallery”:http://www.thechurchillgallery... in Newburyport, MA

Hsueh Wei 薛玮, Associate Professor of Photography, and exhibiting student Alfredo Lettenmaier talk about “Global Studios: China MFA and BFA Student Exhibition”: on view at PNCA’s Gallery 214. Hsueh and Lettenmaier also recount their stay in China during the summer of 2009 to study contemporary art, design, society, politics, language and culture.

“Listen to interviews by artists exhibiting at PNCA and beyond in November 2009”: