MK Guth Interviews Artist Laura Fritz

February 22, 2009

PNCA MFA in Visual Studies Chair MK Guth talks with PNCA Continuing Education alumna Laura Fritz about her New American Art Union (NAUU) Show “Evident” on PORT, a Weblog that features discussions, announcements and events about Portland art and artists.

“Evident” is a striking body of work made possible by a prestigious exhibition award from the “New American Art Union (NAAU)”: The installation appears through February 22 as the latest in NAAU’s Couture series. NAAU is located at 922 SE Ankeny St., Portland, OR.

Guth focuses on Fritz’s artistic background, from her start at Drake University in Iowa to her most recent video show for the 2007 Portland Experimental Film Festival. Fritz explains of her background, “I didn’t really start doing installation art until I moved to Portland and took a few continuing ed courses at PNCA. That’s when I got my first solo show at the Manuel Izquierdo Gallery from Nan Curtis.”

Fritz also describes her use for the scientific method in everything from experimenting with light in her recent installation to explorations of gingerbread recipes. Fritz’s installation, “Evident,” is set in a darkened space with projected light, mirrors and partially obscured objects. “It is about perception, anticipation and expectations,” says Fritz.

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