Mia Nolting's First Book!

October 23, 2018

Congratulations to Mia Nolting on the publication of her first book, Instant Journal by Penguin Random House! She calls it "a guided fill-in-yourself journal inspired by many years of making checklists and surveys documenting feelings. It is the length of one year and includes checklists, charts to fill in, and short open-ended questions."


Mia is a talented and prolific illustrator whose work spans across book cover design, editorial, and commercial work for clients including Airbnb, Algonquin, Field Scout, Glamour Magazine, HarperCollins, Lucky Peach, Medium, Nike Women, NORTH, Penguin Random House, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Studio Jelly, Umpqua Bank, Wieden+Kennedy, and many others.