MFA Show Deals With Mimicry and Dance

February 10, 2009

It all started with a YouTube video.

“In our downtime, we were listening to crunky Hip Hop and Southern Rap. We started watching YouTube videos,” says Rebecca Steele of her time with fellow MFA student Paige Saez at a Caldera Residency this past fall.  “So we started to try to create dance moves from the Hip Hop videos.”

And so OUR BEST MACHINES ARE MADE OF SUNSHINE was born. As the most recent show at the Lodge Gallery (1532 SW Morrison St), the exhibit deals with issues of play, mimicry, and “how images can be effective or generative in the form of the copy” says Steele.

A combination of photographs, video and installation, the exhibition centers on a YouTube video of Low Flow-Rider and its many response videos. The opening runs 7:30–9:30pm February 12. Visit or for more information on the artists.