January 2007—PNCA in Rio For TROCA America: Brasil

January 10, 2007

PNCA sends a dozen artists—students, faculty, and selected Portland artists—to Brazil for a Global Studios experience that includes installing an exhibition at A Gentil Carioca Gallery in Rio de Janiero.

On January 6, Portland artists Bruce Conkle, David Eckard (PNCA), Emily Ginsburg (PNCA), MK Guth (PNCA), Don Olsen and Tamsie Ringler traveled to Rio de Janeiro with curator Elana Mann to participate in TROCA Brasil, an art exchange between PNCA and internationally-known Brazilian artists Ernesto Neto, Laura Lima and Marcio Botner who visited PNCA last year.  Lennie Pitkin, PNCA’s director of study abroad, and six PNCA Global Studios: Rio students are participating in the installation of “The American Dream?” exhibition at A Gentil Carioca gallery. 

The American Dream? opens at A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
Exhibition dates: January 13 – February 15, 2007

You can read more about the artist’s Brazilian exchange in the featured Brazil Blogs.

TROCA Brasil is an international art exchange initiated in fall 2005 by PNCA’s Feldman Gallery + Project Space and A Gentil Carioca, a gallery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Introducing the idea of artists as goodwill ambassadors, the two galleries initiated an international exchange of artwork, artists and dialogue. In the first stage, the founders and internationally acclaimed artists of A Gentil Carioca – Ernesto Neto, Laura Lima, and Marcio Botner, along with Marssares and Thiago Rocha Pitta—brought innovative ideas of collective action and artistic investigation to Portland with a series of student workshops and public lectures, resulting in a site-specific installation by Neto, in addition to the multimedia work of Botner, Lima, Pitta and Marsaares. Now, the group is participating in the second stage of the project, with a group of selected Portland-based artists and PNCA students creating work as part of both a Global Studios: Rio. TROCA Brasil is co-curated by Nan Curtis, and independent curator Elena Mann.

As part of PNCA’s commitment to providing student’s with a global perspective, the Global Studios Program was founded on the principles of experiential education and intended to lead students to engage in creative practice in unfamiliar cultural settings. A high standard of creative practice in the contemporary world is an understanding of the communicative value and effect of work on a global stage. The belief of the program is that immersion and careful observation of a culture can educate students about the potency of this value and effect. Specifically, the program broadens perspectives about how we, both individually and collectively, contribute to global problems and solutions. Artists and designers, engaged in the issues of a common human experience then suggest ways in which we can contribute to and facilitate positive understanding or change. Global Studios operate on a deep level of engagement with a culture foreign to the participants.
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