Illuminating Zena Zezza’s past

December 21, 2014

Laura Heit, faculty member, was commissioned to create work illuminating Zena Zezza’s history in The Hallock and McMillan building residing in Old Town. Heit’s main focal point was the Great Flood that hit Portland. Entitled, 1857 Project, in partnership with the Oregon Historical Society, is currently showing at Zena Zezza and is composed of an animation of cool toned rains being projected onto a photograph of the flood, which shows Portlanders gliding through the streets in boats. Another work by Heit is made of fir floorboards from the building, which creates a ramp that participants can walk up and experience more imagery of past Portlanders enduring the circumstances caused by the flood in almost the same type of ramp structures.

View more photos of this exhibition taken by Mario Gallucci (MFA VS ’14) here.