Weaving Data Art Walk at Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Re-cap!

March 15, 2023

Vertical Persian rug with intricate patterns transitions into cascading threads forming a colorful puddle on a gallery floor.

Wall work by artist Faig Ahmed

Our latest Art Walk featured a guided tour of the Weaving Data exhibition at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. The staff was wonderful and gave our students a deep dive into the artists' work and the history of weaving/textiles. 

Table work by Jovencio de la Paz

We visited a work from each artist and students got to ask questions into the process and meaning behind the work. Pictured above is a work by Jovencio de la Paz, who has also served as a mentor for the Visual Studies MFA program at PNCA. 

Wall works by artist April Bey

The work was a mix of digital and handwoven works complete with refreshing ideas around installation and presentation. Students even got to touch one work! We are so grateful for the attentive and detailed tour of the exhibition. 

Students enjoying a touchable work