Students head to the Caldera Artist Residency

October 31, 2018

This year artist, writer and performer, Will Rawls, along with VS chair, Peter Simensky, and 12 students headed out to Caldera and spent 7 days working, making and researching. The student who are selected to attend this residency must propose a project ahead of their time there. These projects, which reflect practices that are both diverse and interdisciplinary, included ceramic castings of the soil on the Caldera grounds, a collaborative fishing project done with 3D printed lures and fishing pole, and foraging for bark to make natural dyes just to name a few. At the end of each day the residents all come together to prepare and share a meal together and reflect on the day's work while engaging in lively conversation. And this year's group couldn't make it through the week without a little bit of karaoke which is beloved by the Visual Studies program.

PNCA Caldera Laboratories is a collaborative effort between Caldera Artist Residency and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, who have joined forces to construct a program where visiting artists, scholars, curators, and critics come together with PNCA faculty and MFA in Visual Studies students to engage in art making, research, and visual and written investigations in a laboratory setting.