Third Room presents Spectrum

August 30, 2020

Third Room presents Spectrum, 707 NE Broadway, sept 4, 2020, 7-10 pm, featuring Francis Dot & Page Taylor

Easing back IRL with SPECTRUM

Please join us in celebrating the works of Francis Dot and Pace Taylor in SPECTRUM, an exhibition that was set to open in May and has been postponed until now, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. We are now fortunate to be able to offer a distanced opening on September 4th from 7-9pm (masks required, limited people in the gallery at one time), as well as by appointment and online thru Oct 3rd. Email Todd @ for a private viewing appointment.


SPECTRUM is the difference that matters. SPECTRUM is differentiated and covers myriad forms of expression and forms of thought that are ever-expanding. SPECTRUM is one way of figuring the syntax of what it means to be human in which all semantic forms of meaning that had clothed and enwrapped humanity have fallen away and have become history. SPECTRUM is one trajectory at taking a stab at what this implies.

Francis Dot and Pace Taylor are two artists who locate themselves as different instantiations of the SPECTRUM and were invited to present elements and particles of their practice, identity, history and consciousness of themselves as they are situated in relation to their relative experiences. If there is a logic to be teased out of this exhibition it is that of disparate elements combining, of two artisans fashioning their own garments of creation and factors of their own selves for all to see. The all-capitalization of SPECTRUM as word and as title points to the fact that whereas artists formerly made and presented their work within the context of the continuity of meanings, they now do so now without expectations, without any tethering, outside of any narrative that is not their own, and carrying contents poured out, contents that never empty Curated by Third Room council member Todd Molinari.

Third Room was started as a DIY project space in 2017. Since then, it has become an accessible go-to for showing experimental and emerging projects by young artists both in the Portland arts scene and nationwide. Third Room aims to support artists in earnest endeavors, to do the most with the least, through an ethic of solidarity and appreciation. For more info or to see exhibits of our past shows, check out