Third Room presents: Alone And Together

January 25, 2019

PORTLAND, OR (Feb 1st, 2019) –Third Room is pleased to present Alone and Together, with Abney Wallace (Bend, OR) and Daniel Glendening (Portland, OR), by way of our curator-in-residence, Vanessa Briones-Englund.

Alone And Together is a testament to complementary and inverted ways of being; while Daniel’s work beholds objects that maintain a certain bodily subjectivity, Abney’s brings out encapsulations of an otherworldly consciousness. Both work in ways of knowing and perception in conversation with one another and the poetics of being together. We are excited to introduce them in their first show together at Third Room.

About Third Room:

Located at 717 NE Broadway, Suite 2015, Third Room is a space where artists, scholars and activists can come together and remind ourselves of the invaluable impact we have on each other in our community and develop strategies for supporting and sustaining social welfare and growth in our practices, for the long road ahead.