Spaghetti dinner at the cartographer’s convention

June 05, 2018

Abney Wallace + Christian Brown

Spaghetti dinner at the cartographer’s convention

in Gallery 157

Christian Brown’s works in this exhibition have their origin in the drawing of a fingerprint. The drawing was used as a source for the examination of identity, and its similarity to a labyrinth drew a comparison of identity to that of a minotaur, and later an architect, submissive, and hero. Our wanderings or stories, hemmed as we feel they are by circumstance, limitation and desire, lay behind us in labyrinthine form, a singular pathway with the curve of bowel and brains. Only before us does it appear to be a maze.

Abney Wallace’s works for this exhibition began with the realization of the irony present in his own pursuits- how can a line depict formlessness. A line is much the same as an alphabet. It is the system by which the abstract can be articulated. In this case, the abstract is formlessness itself. Through the study of line and indecipherable alphabet as line, his work attempts to depict formlessness as the ultimate potential from which anything is possible.

Both artists exist on different paths. It is their conversations that unite them. Through these conversations it may be possible to find connection in the works shown. This is yet to be determined.