some rites from a spring reckoning

July 28, 2021

Low-Residency Visual Studies, some rites from a spring reckoning, thesis solo exhibitions

some rites from a spring reckoning examine ritual processes, functions, understandings, and experiences through five solo exhibitions, asking what “spring” is this? Historically signifying life, novelty, fertility, redemption, a break from labor, a time for cleaning, and an anticipation of steadiness—“spring” colloquially signals new life. In light of 2020’s compounded institutional, racial, and governmental reckonings, is “spring,” or even its possibility, on the horizon? Our current global not-spring, suggests otherwise. Through paintings of liminal memory, subsistence-based sculptures, amassed environments of domesticated and bodily ceramic and found objects, still-life photographs of contemporary objects of desire, and jewelry and sculptural vessels of death, the exhibitions critically query how culturally-codified and everyday rituals alike construct perception, time, and sense of self.

Each week, a new solo exhibition will open on Thursdays at 6:00 PM PDT with a reception for in-person viewing with installation documentation available on PNCA’s Online Gallery. In-person viewings will be available by sign-in at the PNCA security desk for a maximum of 10 visitors in the galleries at one time, Tuesday–Saturday, 10–4 PM, and Sundays, 10–2 PM, through August 22, 2021.

some rites from a spring reckoning is presented by the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies for the Low-Residency MFA in Visual Studies and is organized by independent curator Laurel V. McLaughlin, with support from Aeron Bergman, Chair and Associate Professor of the Low-Residency MFA Program in Visual Studies, and Erin Dengerink, Program Coordinator for the MA in Critical Studies and the Low-Residency MFA Program in Visual Studies. Design by Oskar Radon.

1. /trəˈvərs/, Wade Schuster, July 20–25, 2021

Thesis presentation,  July 23 at 2pm via zoom 

2. The Four Seasons, Ryan Kitson, July 27–August 1, 2021

Thesis presentation,  July 30 at 2pm via zoom 

3. In the House of Weird Sisters, Kelsey Hamilton Davis, August 3–8, 2021

Thesis presentation,  August 6 at 2pm via zoom 

4. The Gallery of Metamorphics, Madison Queen, August 10–15, 2021

Thesis presentation,  August 13 at 2pm via zoom 

5. Cocooning, Douglas Wiltshire, August 17–22, 2021

Thesis presentation,  August 20 at 2pm via zoom