PDP (Patricia Margarita Hernandez and Natalia Zuluaga) Seminar

July 16, 2018



PDP, a transdisciplinary think tank embedded in [Miami’s Design District] is a site for collective thought, discourse, knowledge exchange, and production. The projects that PDP undertakes question the ways in which [Miami]’s image, financial capital, and information flows generate new “creative” business models, neighborhood redevelopments, and high-end retail centers, all of which exploit a particular mode of [relaxed tropicality].

Natalia Zuluaga is a curator and researcher based in Miami, Florida. She is currently the Artistic Director at ArtCenter South Florida and co-runs [NAME] Publications. Between 2007-2012 she managed the exhibition and publishing initiatives for the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation. Zuluaga holds an M.A. from CCS, Bard College (2015).

Patricia Margarita Hernández is an independent curator based in New York invested in collaborative art production and research. Hernández's work focuses on climate change, coastal city development within a neoliberal schema and feminist theory. In addition to being a member of P.D.P., she is also a member of the Alliance of the Southern Triangle (A.S.T.), a platform for artists and architects focused on speculative urbanism and climate change.

Hernández received her M.A. at the Centre for Curatorial Studies, Bard College (2016) and is currently the Associate Director of A.I.R. Gallery, the first women artists run cooperative space in the United States.