Mentor Highlight: Alberto Aguilar

February 27, 2020

Entre (Between), 2020, Borrowed chairs and doors stacked into an arch

Mentor Alberto Aguilar

About Graduate Mentoring:

We’ll start by jumping in. This is a mutual exchange. We will repeat certain actions. What is the framework we will use? The format of our exchange will emerge over time. The results of this exchange will emerge over time. Through questions we ask one another we will gain understanding. Through understanding we will gain more questions. Through new questions we will create new actions. Through our new actions we will arrive to an end.

About me and my work:

This is a one hundred word statement to tell you about myself, my work and my teaching philosophy. I’m glad to know that you are using this moment to learn a little about me. I would like to know a little about you as well. I sat and wrote this statement for about an hour. I wrote and rewrote it many times in order to get you the right words. I’m still not sure if these are the right words. The one thing I know is that I reached my goal of one hundred words and sometimes that’s good enough.


Take out garbage in zig zag formation, 2018, Prompted action

Entre (Between), 2020, Borrowed chairs and doors