June 15, 2018

Opening reception June 22, 6pm

Cristallo is an installation with video projections shot with a GoPro attached to the artist’s cane while traveling in Italy with her daughter, who also uses a cane for a disability. The camera is pointed to the ground to display the unique perspective that comes with having to watch and pay attention to every step one takes. The cane is the constant while feet and the texture of the ground varies.

Artist Statement: My work lives in the world that lingers in the peripheral, fragments of memory and experiences told through vignettes of imagery and form. It is intensely personal, often drawing from experiences in my childhood and with my disability, yet strives to address sociological and cultural commonalities such as otherness, belonging, and the search for home. My recent work has been focused on the body and how it can function to draw attention to myriad issues. Materiality and material exploration in relation to context are paramount in my practice. Through video shot with a GoPro connected to my cane combined with mixed media paintings and assistive devices as activated sculptural objects, I examine my own relationship with how nerve damage from a late onset birth defect, Spina Bifida, has affected my physicality and my desire to come to terms with my place in the world through observation and theoretical analysis.