Biquini Wax EPS Lecture, Wednesday, July 1 at 6pm.

June 26, 2020

Biquini Wax EPS is an interdependent lab based in Mexico City. Contemporary art exhibitions, poetry readings and discussion sessions about economy, philosophy, politics, aesthetics, art history and other bioalchimist invocations take place in our middle class household. Four hundred people, the ghost of a small turtle and a extraterrestrial form of life work together as a team without being a collective and welcoming whoever wants to join our activities or propose a patahistorical sacrifice.

Upcoming Lectures: Prem Krishnamurthy- July 8, Maricel Alvarez - July 15, Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour - July 22, Kyung Me - July 29

PNCA’s Low-Residency MFA is organized to be an innovative hybrid of an MFA degree and an artist residency. The low-residency program has a longer degree-completion time (3 years), flexible schedules, intensive residency periods, lower cost of attendance, and the distance-learning component, which does not require students to permanently relocate. Furthermore, the program is interdisciplinary, offering artists of all media and stages of their development the opportunity to refine their vision

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