Winter Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Residency Schedule

December 19, 2019

As part of the Winter Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing program, PNCA offers talks, discussions, and readings by acclaimed writers, January 4th to January 12th.

Everything is free and open to the public!!

Saturday Jan 4

1pm-1:50pm: Lecture / Cole Cohen / Open to the Public: Sharing Stories of Exception

2pm-2:50pm: Lecture / Matt Hart / Writing the Unfathomable: Some Remarks on the Poetic Sublime

6:30pm-8 pm: Reading / Alejandro de Acosta, Alison C Rollins, Brandon Shimoda

Sunday, Jan 5

10am -10:50am: Lecture / Alison C Rollins / The Art of Apophenia: Seeing Beyond Sight

6:30pm-8pm: Reading / Perrin Kerns, Chelsea Biondolillo, Cole Cohen, Zachary Schomburg

Monday, Jan 6

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Walidah Imarisha / Visionary Fiction

11am-11:50am: Lecture / Chelsea Biondolillo / Science, nature, and research in hybrid prose forms

4:30pm-5:20pm: Lecture / Perrin Kerns / The Lyric Essay with Constraint

Tuesday, Jan 7

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Tyrone Williams / Only a cry absent its mouth

6:30pm-8pm: Reading / Matt Hart, Tyrone Williams, Walidah Imarisha

Thursday, Jan 9

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Brandon Shimoda / Hypnagogic Writing: Notes on the Subterranean Spring

Friday, Jan 10

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Alejandro de Acosta / Publication-at-any-stage

6:30pm-8pm: Reading / Lisa Radon & Renee Gladman at IPRC--318 SE Main

Saturday, Jan 11

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Jay Ponteri / Listening for the Emergent

Sunday, Jan 12

10am-10:50am: Lecture / Lisa Radon / Speculative Frictions

All events (unless otherwise stated) are in Room 601.

511 NW Broadway
Portland OR 97209