Chair of MFA Print Media Matthew Letzelter at Anderson Ranch Arts Center

July 01, 2019

Matthew Letzelter, chair of the MFA in Print Media program, was invited to teach at Anderson Ranch Arts Center this summer. Matthew will lead a workshop focusing on the intersections of analog and digital processes, New Approaches to Lithography. During this workshop, Matthew will lead students in exploring the photo lithography process combined with image-making techniques using equipment in the Digital Fabrication Lab at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Students will learn photo lithography print processes as well as image-making techniques using a variety of fabrication machinesAnalog and digital applications of photolithography are presented. Devices such as laser cutters, digital plotters and inkjet printers are used for image development. Experimentation and a variety of approaches are encouraged. Students will discover new and inventive ways of making images for the lithography process not easily achieved by hand. Those who are more digitally-focused will have the opportunity to explore a more traditional and tactile printmaking process.

More information on Anderson Ranch's website.