CD/DS Faculty member Nina Narelle at Design Museum Mornings

March 25, 2019

The problem statement isn’t news: Design is homogenous.

While situational changes may be made through better outreach, advertising, and recruitment, addressing the systemic issues surrounding this homogeny will allow us to approach fundamental questions as ‘how should history inform how we frame the problem to be solved today?’

Join Nina Narelle and Katie Augsburger, co-founders of Future Work Design as they explore how systems of inequity are in fact, the results of historic, and contemporary, design. They’ll share provocative and actionable ways we can rethink our approach to the design of our organizations, our lives, and our identities, in a way that supports and enables a more equitable society, in which design belongs to all of us.

Design Museum Mornings is a monthly event series brought to you by Design Museum Portland. These events are meant to inspire you before your day begins and bring you closer to the Design Museum Portland community. Each event will include a short presentation by a local thought-leader, free breakfast, and great people to wake up with. These events are hosted and sponsored by various generous businesses of the Greater Portland area.

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More of Nina's work can be viewed on Future Work Design's website.