2/10 Art Walk Re-cap with Adams & Ollman Gallery & After/Time Gallery

February 14, 2023

Group snapshot at the Jose Bonell Exhibition "The Indiscreet Night" at Adam's & Ollman

Last week we had the pleasure of catching the Jose Bonell exhibition The Indiscreet Night at Adam's and Ollman. We got a photo with the dice piece above Hasard, Hasard -- so cute!!

left: Leda's Affaire

We also got to see Pamela Hadley's exhibition Eagle Creek at After/Time Gallery. Pamela was generous with her time and walked students through her exhibition piece.

Pamela Hadley's installation piece Eagle Creek

Using light and sculpture, Pamela uses projection and video as material in order to bring the viewer back to the present. It was an excellent artist talk and we are so grateful to After/Time for making it happen!!

Installation documentation

Join us for our next art walk on February 24th!!